Episode 001 – Start a thing!

Episode 001 – Start a thing!

Taking selfies is awkward.

I’m Marika, and this is my podcast!

I’m going to be straight with you. I’m totally new to podcasting, and I’m just jumping in because I believe it’s time for me to start this thing that has been cooking in my brain for a few years. I have wanted to create a space for people in the pet community to connect through sharing their stories for quite a while, and this podcast is how it is all coming together. I really believe that we can do incredible things when we connect through shared passions.

Yes, it’s my podcast, but it’s not really about me. I’m hosting it, I’ll be talking a lot, but the real purpose here is to share the stories of other super amazing people in the Seattle pet community who are doing great things. Some of them are good friends of mine, some of them are soon-to-be good friends of mine. All of them are real. All of them love animals. All of them have stories to share.

I’m sure I’ll tell a bunch of stories of my own here and there as they relate to the conversations on episodes, but if you’d like to get to know more about me, you can also check out www.dirtiedogphotography.com, www.facebook.com/dirtiedogphotog and @dirtiedogphotography on Instagram. Or you can shoot me an email to set up a coffee date. I love coffee, especially americanos.

I hope you enjoy this intro episode. It was weird to record because I was just hanging out with my dog who had absolutely nothing to contribute to the conversation. It’s okay though because she’s still my favorite.

Here’s how you can support this podcast:

  • Listen to and SHARE the episodes!
  • Reach out if you have a story to share!
  • Follow @seattlepetcollective on Instagram!

Check out www.dirtiedogphotography.com to see about having your pet’s portraits taken by me.

My pet photography business is how I make a living, and it’s also supporting this podcast.

More photography clients = more podcasts that share the stories of people doing great work for animals. 🙂

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