The Seattle Pet Collective’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Pets and Their People.

The Seattle Pet Collective’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Pets and Their People.

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us, and we need to figure out how to give gifts that mean something to the people we love. If you’re purchasing something for yourself or another pet-loving person, we’ve got you. Each one of the four hosts of the Seattle Pet Collective podcast began building a list of pet-related gift ideas back in August. All of the items on our lists are from businesses and/or creators in the Pacific Northwest. We love local, and now more than ever, it’s important to support local.

Last year, I (Marika) put together a list of gift ideas in a very short amount of time (I was up until 2 am on Thanksgiving). It was stressful, but amazing. To say I’m grateful for the collaboration with my friends/co-hosts for this year’s gift guide would be a huge understatement. I am floored by the work they’ve put in to find amazing gifts from businesses and creators right here in the Pacific Northwest to share with our community. Thanks, ladies, for your commitment to this project (even though it took a lot more work than any of us were prepared for). I love you to pieces!

We put a lot of time into researching the items in this guide (one of us even purchased a bunch of items *ahem, Holly*), and we hope you love them as much as we do. Thank you for taking the time to support local, and have fun purchasing some great gifts for yourself and the pet-loving folks you know!

Each item is listed with the following information:

What the item is.

Who made/sells the item.

Why our host selected this item.

Where you can purchase the item.

How much you can expect to spend.

Let’s get started with our first host’s list!

Marika Moffitt of Dirtie Dog Photography | Founder and co-host of Seattle Pet Collective

Okay, so it was really hard to narrow it down to only ten twelve items this year, but I am pretty excited about each one of the gifts featured. There’s an extra item on my list because I decided to create an opportunity for one of you to win a pet photography session. If you’ve thought about celebrating your pet in photos, make sure you get signed up for a chance to win.

As mentioned above, it was hard for me to narrow down to only a few items. Most of the businesses featured on my list have other amazing things you can purchase for yourself or as gifts. Whether you’re interested in the item I’ve chosen to feature or not, please take a few minutes to visit the businesses’ websites to learn more about all they have to offer.

Okay, let’s get to the list.

First up, we have a banana.

What: Banana Catnip Toy

Who: Brighter Sides – Seattle, WA

Why: You better believe we’re starting this guide off with a banana. So, not only is ‘Yo banana boy’ my favorite palindrome, but watching a cat attack a banana is definitely in my top 5 must-see things for 2020. Really, though, get your cat this banana catnip toy because your purchase supports a woman-owned business and 10% is donated to animal welfare.


How much: Under $20

What: Matching face masks and accessories for you and your dog!

Who: Butthead Bandanaz – Portland, OR

Why: First of all, anyone who uses “Butthead” in their business name gets a win from me! Second, this might be my favorite way to match with your dog. We all need to do our part to keep our communities healthy right now, so why not do it in a way that brings joy to the world? I know that seeing a dog and their person walking down the street wearing a matching bandana and facemask would make me smile (even if you can’t see it, it’s happening). You can even order custom-printed fabric (additional pricing applies), so if you’re a business, this is an amazing way to represent your brand!


How much: Under $50

What: “I’m a dream” cat mug

Who: Holly Haymaker – Seattle, WA

Why: I love coffee. I don’t drink alcohol, so collecting wine glasses and beer steins isn’t my thing. Coffee mugs, however, I can’t get enough of. Cats are dreamy, and sometimes we (and anyone else we share our spaces with) need a reminder that we are too. I can’t think of a better time to celebrate your dreaminess than first thing in the morning while sipping coffee or tea with your favorite furry friend.

p.s. this Seattle-area artist makes more awesome cat-related art, so check their shop closer to the holidays for new items!


How much: Under $30

What: Custom cakes for dogs (pawfect for any occasion)

Who: The Seattle Barkery – Seattle, WA

Why: I cannot think of a better year to reward your dog with a custom cake than this one. All dogs deserve to be celebrated for the jobs they’ve done keeping us functioning during the pandemic. They’ve kept us moving our bodies with daily walks, they’ve given us reasons to take breaks from working at home and they’ve given us purpose during so much uncertainty. You can order one of these cakes for your dog for the holidays, but what if you also had one created for your co-worker’s dog you’ve seen every week at your regular team Zoom meetings? The custom cakes from The Seattle Barkery are beautiful, and they are made with the kind of love that makes us proud to be dog-crazy people.


How much: Under $100 (totally depends on how many add-ons/upgrades you need)

What: DIY Catio plans (gift certificate)

Who: Catio Spaces – Seattle, WA

Why: I featured this in my 2019 gift guide, and I’m sharing it again because I truly believe that if you have the space to build a catio for your indoor cat(s) to access the outdoors, you owe it to them to do so. This can be a great two-part gift if you purchase this for someone you love. First, give the certificate to your loved one to select the catio they want, and then you help them build it! Not into building things? Consider paying for a full custom build that works purrfectly for your space!


How much: Under $50 for the DIY plans

What: Buster Boy Bucket Seat Mat

Who: Buster Boy Mats – Seattle, WA

Why: As we head into the rainiest months in the PNW, we might want to start thinking about how to keep our dirty dogs safe and our car seats clean during all those outdoor adventures we’re planning (oh you know you’re going to need to get out of the house this winter or else your pups are going to drive you nuts). Buster Boy Mats are perfect for dog owners who want to help keep their dogs from slipping around during the drive, but they also help protect your seats too. It could also come in handy if you have exceptionally messy two-legged passengers, or like me, are just a bit of a mess yourself.


How much: Under $50 (more sizes available on the website)

What: The ODIN treat dispensing dog toy

Who: Up Dog Toys – Seattle, WA

Why: My dog, Kerouac, LOVES treat-dispensing toys, so this is on my list for her. In fact, I’m ordering one right now as soon as I finish typing this. “Treat ball” is our magic word to get her to come back in the house at night when she just sits in the yard in the dark staring at us.

What I love about the ODIN, is that you can purchase more than one and snap them together to give your dog more of a challenge. Listen, those of us working from home know that sometimes we just need something to keep our dogs entertained while we get half an hour to do our work before it’s time to go on another walk. The ODIN will give you that time.


How much: Under $25

What: Travel water bottle for dogs

Who: Pacific Paws Northwest – Seattle, WA

Why: How many times have you been out and about with your dog, and you’ve wished you had a less messy/more portable option to provide them with fresh, cool drinking water? This travel water bottle for dogs, created by Pacific Paws Northwest, is perfect for all those adventures with your dog whether just around town, or on the trails. It’s designed for easy fit into car cup holders and those handy side pockets on your backpack.


How much: Under $50

What: Quilted reversible pet bed/crate mat

Who: Raindog Seattle – Seattle, WA

Why: I often find myself sacrificing my favorite blanket to make a space in my office for Kerouac to hang out because I don’t want to move her regular bed back and forth between rooms. Also, there’s not enough room in my office for a bed to exist permanently. Here’s what drew me to these quilted pet beds: They’re so easy to take anywhere, and their maker, Jenny, refers to them as “dog traps” because when you lay one down on the floor, “your dog will end up on it in a matter of seconds. They are irresistible!” I’m thinking that if you have cats, they’d find them irresistible too!


How much: Under $100

What: Sustainable and Personalized Scratching Post

Who: Kitty Kebab – Seattle, WA

Why: It has been years since I’ve had a cat of my own (if you listen to the Seattle Pet Collective podcast, then you know that I LOVE cats, but can’t have any because I love my husband, who is allergic to cats, more than anything), but I remember that if you don’t give your kitties something lovely to scratch on, they’ll find something you love, and use that. This scratching post from Kitty Kebab is awesome, and if I had cats, I would get one personalized for each of them.


How much: Under $75

What: Special Edition Pet Photography Session Package (you can win one!)

Who: Dirtie Dog Photography – Seattle, WA

Why: I don’t know about you, but for me, pets have saved 2020. 

They’ve helped all of us get through months of social distancing and endless Zoom meetings.  Whether we have pets of our own, or we’ve enjoyed our friends’ stories through our social media feeds, we’ve all benefited from the joys animals create in this world.

As we head into the season of giving, think about the pets you know, and the people whose lives have been comforted because of them. What do you think it would mean to those people to have an incredible experience tailored to celebrating the things they love about their pet? How would it feel for them to have a piece of artwork that honors the pet that is a part of their family? 

You can help them celebrate the pets they love through the gift of a pet photography experience with Dirtie Dog Photography.

Where: Purchase a Special Edition Pet Photography Session Package here:

Sign up for a chance to win an acrylic block session package here:

How much: $500-$1000 or Sign up for your chance to win!

What: Custom ordered cupcakes that look like your pet!

Who: Trophy Cupcakes – Seattle, WA

Why: Ever feel like your dog or cat is so dang cute you could just eat them up?! Yeah, now you can in cupcake form! Trophy Cupcakes tagged me in a post featuring these cupcakes on Instagram on National Dog Day. Smart move, Trophy Cupcakes, smart move. I’m hooked, and totally going to order some cupcakes for my husband and myself to devour while Kerouac watches us.

Trophy cupcakes can accommodate special orders with two days notice, orders close everyday at 5pm. They can do everything from hand piping your pet’s face onto a cupcake, to printing edible photo toppers of a photo of your pet! Call their special orders department at 206.632.7020 to start planning!


How much: Call 206.632.7020 for custom orders

Lauren Hartley of All Dog Kind | Co-host of Seattle Pet Collective

I feel super lucky Marika invited me to contribute to this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. We have incredible small businesses, makers, and artists here in the PNW. It was hard to find a place to start!

So I attempted to build a list of items that have brought joy and magic into my life – in the hopes they do the same for you. Some of these items are personal favorites. A few are from incredible makers I’ve been lucky enough to vend with at past local craft fair events. Others are from artists and heroes of mine. And one or two that helped me as the mom of a people and dog reactive pup named Gus. Dig in and learn a little bit more about these small businesses and local artists. I also hope you’ll be inspired to support them by giving yourself or loved ones some amazing gifts. What better time to support local than this Holiday season. Be brave and be kind out there friends.

With lots of love,


What: Seattle Walk Report, Hardcover book of illustrations of walks around 23 Seattle neighborhoods.

Who: Susanna Ryan – Seattle, WA

Why: We’ve all been spending more time inside these past months and now winter is here. So I had to show you this book. In fact this isn’t really a book but more of a portal to adventures around our city.

Susanna Ryan, a local Seattle illustrator, imaginatively captures walking tours of 23 Seattle neighborhoods. There are, of course, numerous adorable dog sightings documented. I challenge you to count how many dogs (and cats!) are in this book. But my hope is you can cuddle up on a couch next to your pet and escape through this book. Or even better get inspired to leash up your dog, put on your mask and rain jacket, and go on an adventure. Be sure to follow @seattlewalkreport on Instagram and click the link below to find out which local bookstore you can purchase this gem from!


How much: Under $30

What: Two Night Beach Cabin Getaway with your Dog

Who: Chevy Chase Beach Cabins – Port Townsend, WA

Why: If you can splurge on a weekend adventure, this place is close to my heart. The cabins have stunning cliff-side views of Discovery Bay and the Olympic Mountains. It is just a quick walk down to a gorgeous dog friendly beach and the cabins are set on vast green historic homestead. You can hunker down and recharge the whole weekend or use this as home base to explore the peninsula.

It is hard to find truly dog friendly accommodations. Some details I love are dog guests are provided with doggie towels and sheets to clean off after beach trips or cover furniture for couch cuddles. And of course you and your dog will find a hand written note and treats welcoming you. This charming cabin getaway makes a wonderful gift any dog parent who needs a break. Which to be quite frank is all of us these days!


How much: Starting at $300

What: Magical Art Prints

Who: Vivian Mineker – Portland, OR

Why: Vivian Mineker, hands down, creates some of my favorite art. I hope one day to be able to create things that make people feel the way her art makes me feel. I have her Oasis and Room pieces hanging in my studio space. When I look at them, I feel like a snapshot of a daydream or a fairytale has been captured. I can’t help creating stories around her pieces. When I’m feeling creatively empty, I turn to these pieces on my wall. I let myself be a little girl again who can see all the magic and possibility of the world around me.

Do yourself a big favor and head over to her shop to grab some magic to inspire you! Follow her work on Instagram @vivian.mineker


How much: Starting at $15

What: Doggies in Sweaters & Winter Kitties

Who: Honeyberry Studios – Seattle, WA

Why: Ok if the description in the “What” section didn’t make you stop and want to know more, then I don’t know what will. Yoku Miki’s original art and designs come on the most perfect paper goods. Everything from beautiful art prints, greeting cards, stickers, note pads, and even wrapping paper. In fact, since you’re getting all these amazing gifts, you’ll need the perfect wrapping paper. Look no further than a Doggies in Sweaters Wrapping Paper Roll. If you want to add an adorable gift note then Winter Kitties Holiday Greeting Card is the purrrrfect way to go. (Yep I did that.)

It doesn’t stop there, when you order through Honeyberry Studios a portion of your purchase is donated to Seattle non-profits like The Mockingbird Society, Refugee Women’s Alliance and The NW Network. It’s an easy win win! Be sure to check out Yoku’s shop and follow her on Instagram @honeyberrystudios!


How much: Under $10

What: Customizable D.O.G. Tee or Hoodie

Who: House Dogge – Portland, OR

Why: Angela Medlin is the owner and designer behind this artisanal dog product brand.  I am obsessed with these Customizable D.O.G. Tees and Hoodies. They are gorgeous and look adorable on any dog. It is an easy choice to support this eco conscious Black Women owned business. Order yours with your pet’s name in bold wool text. The bone shaped Tug Toys are also customizable. House Dogge has many thoughtful gifts to keep a pup happy, cute, and warm this holiday season. Check out her shop and follow Angela’s amazing work on Instagram @housedogge


How much: Starting at $60

What: Carefree Time in a Private Play Space!

Who: SniffSpot – Seattle, WA

Why: If your pup isn’t a big fan of dog parks and needs private play space to truly let loose, SniffSpot can make dreams come true. Download this App to find and rent large off leash areas hosted by locals. You can filter on a space’s size, if it is fenced, proximity to other people, dogs or farm animals. For dog parents of reactive dogs, like me, it has been a safe way to get out of the house with Gus and see him be happy. It has also been an amazing way to let our foster dogs meet and greet potential adopters while they are off leash and we are socially distanced. Excellent way to get out of the house and enjoy yourselves!


How much: Starting at $5 per dog per hour

What: Gift Certificate for Group, Private, or Virtual Training Classes

Who: Ahimsa Dog Training – Seattle, WA

Why: A lot of us have new family members because of the boom in adoptions taking place during the pandemic. For furry family members young and old, socialization and training is key to a happy life. It has been harder to do that safely during a pandemic. A useful and thoughtful present for any dog parent is a Gift Certificate to Ahimsa Dog Training. We have been lucky enough to do a private virtual training session over Zoom with Mary Fox. She remembered Gus from the Growly Dog Classes and helped us troubleshoot some behaviors that had popped up during quarantine. Ahimsa is now once again offering in person training and puppy socialization at their Ballard location. We are taking our new pup Pete to a Shy Dog class here in early December and are super excited. I can’t thank Mary Fox and Wynona Karbo enough for helping us with Gus over the years. If you or a loved one find yourselves dealing with separation anxiety, want to give a new family member to have the best start, need help getting safe socialization, or want to troubleshoot behaviors – I couldn’t recommend this amazing small business enough.


How much: Starting at $85

What: Doggie Spa Day

Who: Cloud Grooming – Seattle, WA

Why: When my two dogs who don’t try to murder people (I’m joking, Gus is a good boy who is just reactive) need to be groomed, I only trust one person. Julia Sklar is a Fear Free and AKC S.A.F.E. Certified Groomer. Which means I never worry about sending my 13yo pup Sophie or my shy 2yo Pete to get groomed. Julia is extremely talented and both Sophie and Pete always come back happy and looking fantastic. Above is a picture of adorable Frank (@franticallyfawing) looking his best after a groom. Julia specializes in dogs under 40lbs and can even add a touch of color to your pup’s ears and tail! Who doesn’t want their pup looking their best for the holidays and new year? So reach out to Julia for a booking now. Follow her on Instagram @cloud_grooming to see all the amazing work she does!


How much: Starting at $80

What: Bakko’s Hip & Joint Formula CBD Bites

Who: Austin and Kat – Seattle, WA

Why: For me this is the dream stocking stuffer. As a dog mom of a lovely old matriarch Sophie who is now 13yo and of Gus who suffers from anxiety, CBD has been a game changer. I started using and loving Austin & Kat products in 2016 when my dog Jack reached old age. It helped immensely with mobility and I quickly realized it could help my dogs in other ways too. Kat Donatello is the founder of Austin and has recently released a new line of CBD treats tailored to maximize different benefits. Hip & Joint Formula has done wonders for Sophie. While Gus loves the Active Recovery Formula for after a big hike or a lot of time playing fetch. These high quality CBD products come in adorable packaging and make excellent gifts.


How much: Starts at $42

What: Donation to Foster Based Local Rescue

Who: Pacific Northwest Cattle Dog Rescue – Mount Vernon, WA

Why: Ok I’m going to be honest. I am massively biased about this wonderful rescue. We have fostered seven pups from them since January. Tim, Sarge, Leo, Clover, Chorizo, Curly, and Jack. It has been some of the most rewarding experiences of my life to work with this rescue and to foster. I am a super fan. So, if you have anyone in your life who loves all dogs or happens to have a deep love, like I do, for spotty rowdy working dogs – then THIS my friend, is the perfect gift.

Sometimes dog lovers and dog parents already have everything they need so a donation to a rescue is the most thoughtful meaningful gift you can give them. Rescues have been hit hard by COVID. Fundraising is more difficult than ever. If you need some incentive – I’m running a raffle through my business, All Dog Kind. When you email me a receipt for a $5 or more tax deductible donation to PNWCDR before December 5th you’ll be entered to win a Custom Pet Portrait (a $65 value) from me! I’ll be announcing the winner on Sunday December 6th on my Instagram @alldogkind.

Be sure to follow PNWCDR on Instagram @pnwcattledogrescue to see all the amazing pups who are looking for their forever homes.


How much: From $5

Holly Cook of Holly Cook Photography | Co-host of Seattle Pet Collective

Moving to Seattle was a huge leap of faith for me. I have lived my entire life in the same community in Michigan, on the shores of Lake Huron. Boeing brought us out here, but it’s the pet community that made me feel welcomed. I love that the pet community in Seattle opened its collective arms and welcomed me without question. Dog people know other dog people and the Seattle pet community saw me for who I really am, and instead of disparaging me for being “the crazy dog lady”, you’ve embraced me and supported me. For that, I am so grateful.

My hope is that I can return the love with my efforts with The Seattle Pet Collective, The Limelight Pet Project and all of those other crazy projects that are living in my head. Without the Seattle pet community, I might have given up on creating a new life in the Pacific Northwest and moved back to Michigan. But, with your support, encouragement and love, I’ve found my pack and I’m not looking back. <3 I hope you enjoy my contribution to The Holiday Gift Guide 2020 edition.

What: Matching Bandana and Clip On Poop Bag Pouch

Who: The Northwest Dog

Why: Who doesn’t love to look cute when out walking their dog? This clip on poop bag pouch comes in a variety of textures and colors to match your coat, while the snazzy bandana will look dapper on your dog. You can even mix and match! Walk your dog in style, feelin’ cute!


How much: Under $75

What: Doggie Bag

Who: Wilder Dog

Why: My dog and I go adventuring often and I’m always looking for something to store her food in. I’ve tried nearly everything that isn’t plastic. (Because, you know, storing dog food in plastic is bad for the dog.) When I discovered this Doggie Bag, I had to buy it and I am so happy I did! It holds Mozi’s food and keeps it fresh. The bag is durable and super cute. (I’m all about dog things being cute!). It’s rugged and even comes with a tin cup for measuring…. Or morning coffee if you swipe it for yourself.


How much: $22 plus shipping

What: Personalized Hand Crafted Dog Tags

Who: Master of the Bark Arts

Why: This tag brings me so much joy! With the help of Andrea, the head conjurer at Master of the Bark Arts, I was able to design a dog tag for my dog that matches her personality and my penchant for sparkles and whimsy. It’s lightweight, but durable and so unique! When the sparkles catch the sun, it’s like a little bit of magic. It’s also super cute. Have I mentioned I’m all about dog things being cute?


How much: Starting at $45 plus shipping

What: Infinity scarf for you; matching bandana for your dog

Who: SewDoggyStyle – Seattle, WA

Why: I spent 25 years walking dogs when I lived in Michigan and the winters were oh so cold! I had a massive collection of scarves and matching mittens to keep me warm while I did my job. Well, I don’t walk dogs any more, but I still enjoy collecting scarves. Even though the PNW doesn’t dip below the freezing mark very often, I still enjoy wearing scarves when the weather gets nippy. Imagine my delight when I found an infinity scarf with a matching bandana for Mozi. Yes, I ordered them. Yes, we’ve worn them together out in public. Yes, people have remarked how cute we are. What’s not to love about that? Hand made by local seamstress, Erica Lindquist, this combo has been created with an eye for details. From the fringe on the end that is so even, my OCD doesn’t cry out, to the label placed in just the right spot, this set is not only cute, but easy to care for.


How much: $55 plus shipping

What: Giclee Dog Art by Seattle Mural Artist Henry (Ryan Henry Howard)

Who: Art of Place – Portland, OR

Why: When I moved to Seattle about 5 years ago, the first thing that I remember seeing was a mural painted by Henry on the side of a fence in Ballard. I was instantly taken by his whimsy. His art is just so happy! This really helped when I started to feel homesick for Michigan and needed a little bit of joy to lift my spirits. His work soon became a “must see” for anyone who visits me from out of state. I was so excited when I found this print. It’s so full of joy! With the swirly clouds in the blue sky, to the bright colored butterfly, this print feels like the best of both worlds, in one piece of art.

Where: Art of Place on Etsy

How much: Starts at $19.95

What: Himalayan Dog Chew

Who: Himalayan Pet

Why: We used to have a Malamute named Hazel. Along with her sister-in-dog Mozi, Hazel used to travel with us to Gig Harbor to visit my brother-in-law and his family. Mozi and Hazel have a cousin-in-dog named Jimmy. Jimmy loves his Himalayan Chews. Loves. Them! Whenever we would visit Jimmy and his family, the coveted Himalayan Chews had to be hidden from Mozi and Hazel. The first thing the girls would do when we arrived at Jimmy’s house was perform a thorough search for any Himalayan chew that had been left behind. Because Jimmy is a Chihuahua, the treats were too small for Hazel and Mozi and I was concerned about them choking. It turns out there was no need to worry! The magic of these treats is that once they get too small, you can pop them in the microwave and the puff up and the dogs can finish eating them. No waste! Hazel passed away last Christmas, but Mozi still enjoys hunting for Jimmy’s hidden chews whenever we visit. If she finds one, we pop it in the microwave so she can enjoy it too.


How much: $8-$40

What: Swell Gelato Dog Nog

Who: Swell Gelato for Dogs – Seattle, WA

Why: Gelato…for dogs! I mean, why not? Debbie puts her heart and soul into creating special gelato flavors and it fills me with joy that she has created a flavor just for the holidays! I haven’t met a dog that can say no to Swell Gelato. I’ve watched Debbie at events, handing out samples of her much loved gelato to dogs who’ve never had it before and the reaction is always the same. First the sniff. Then, a tentative lick. A pause as the flavor starts to expand in the dog’s mouth. Then its pure bliss as the dog realizes this tasty treat is just for them! Mozi loves it too. This is one of 3 things that she will roll over for without being asked.


How much: See website to find it in a store near you!

What: The Ultimate Northwest Rain Jacket for Dogs

Who: Louie De Coton

Why: It wasn’t until we moved to Seattle that I realized Mozi needed a rain coat. We moved from a house with a yard in Michigan, to a 3rd floor walk up with no yard. She can’t do the “dash and go” any more. She’s not fond of the rain, and, truth be told, when her fur gets wet and curly it is a chore to comb out the mats. I’ve tried a number of rain coats for her and she has hated them all. But this raincoat from Louie De Coton is perfect for her. While I had to order an extra, extra large because these coats are really designed for smaller dogs, it is one of the best things I have purchased for her. It is rugged and durable and features many of the best things in a high quality human rain coat. And, she is so cute when she wears it! Though, I’m not completely sure she would agree with that statement. Nonetheless, I am happy to have found a coat that is as rugged as she is. I only wish they made a matching coat for me.


How much: Starts at $72

What: Paw Print Dangle Earrings

Who: West Coast Laser Designs – Tacoma, WA

Why: The perfect gift for that “hard to buy for” pet lover in your life. Made of lightweight birch, these earrings won’t leave your ears feeling heavy. These delightful earrings measure 1.75”x1” and will go with just about any casual outfit. Made in Tacoma, the earrings can either be picked up or shipped to your door in about 3 days. How do I know? I can’t tell you that until after the holidays. It will ruin someone’s holiday surprise.


How much: $15 plus shipping

What: Art at Home; Paint Your Pet

Who: Uncorked Canvas – Seattle and Tacoma, WA

Why: I can’t draw a straight line without a ruler, so I was super excited to find a way to create a piece of art in my own home during lockdown. It was so easy! Simply order the kit online. During the ordering process, Kirkland Uncorked will request an image of your pet. One of their artists will hand draw your pet’s image on a canvas, then ship your kit to your home (you can also pick up supplies at their studio in Tacoma.) A link to their instructional video is sent to you so you can paint at your own pace. The kit arrives about 6 days after ordering. The artist will need a day or 2 to sketch your pet. Once your kit arrives, order your favorite food and pour yourself a glass of a “creativity-inducing” beverage and paint your pet!


How much: $45

What: Send Me; Working Dogs of the Pacific Northwest coffee table book

Who: Holly Cook Photography

Why: Featuring over 70 dogs who work in the Pacific Northwest, this book is my love letter to working dogs. Full of beautiful imagery, stories and facts, this book is a must read for any dog lover. It’s incredible the things dogs will do for us, with us and in spite of us. This book celebrates the bond between dogs who work and the partners who love them.

Where: Order a copy here:

You can also sign up for a chance to win a copy here:

How much: $110

Tracy Campion of Pet Connection Magazine | Co-host of Seattle Pet Collective

I was so excited when Marika invited me to collaborate on the 2020 holiday gift guide –what a wonderful way to focus on small, local businesses and celebrate our mutual love of all things animal! It was so much fun to research and write about these gift ideas, some of which are favorites of my furry family members. Working on this guide helped me re-connect with the community I love while helping me focus on gratitude, giving, and a sense of goodness that I think we all need right now. Thank you again, Marika, for inviting me to contribute. Seattle Pet Collective is a bright light in an often stormy world! 

What: Custom screens to keep your pet safe in your vehicle

Who: Breezeguard – Woodinville, WA

Why: This is, by far, my all-time favorite car accessory. (I think my dog Jack would agree, too!) These car window screens are custom-made for your specific vehicle and enable you to travel with the window rolled down, allowing your pup the opportunity to experience the world in their favorite way: with their nose! When I first adopted Jack, he tried to put just a liiiittle bit too much of his body out the back window, which was more than a little bit disconcerting for me as I drove down the road. These screens provide protection for your pup (no more concerns about them climbing or falling out the window) and ensure that the whole family can venture out in the car!


How much: $259 plus s/h

What: Plush Cat Bed

Who: The Cat Ball – Seattle, WA

Why: Our cat, Indiana Jones, earned his name from the Cat Ball bed. How, do you ask? Well, he was a bottle baby orphan kitten, and he decided that our large, gray Cat Ball bed was the bee’s knees. So much so that he would climb onto the top of it and roll it over his sisters, in a feline scene reminiscent of the famous “boulder” scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Adventurous, charismatic Indy was christened that day, and this Cat Ball bed remains a family favorite in our household, more than two years later. These beds are comfy, stylish, and, as Indy pointed, out, good for rest OR play. The Cat Ball also makes fun cloth masks, too!


How much: $59.99 – $84.99

What: Gorgeous custom dog collars & holiday stockings

Who: Wooldog PDX Collars- Portland, OR

Why: Jack’s first “dress” collar came from Wooldog PDX. These vibrantly colored collars are handmade here in the Pac NW and now Wooldog PDX makes adorable pet stockings, too!


How much: $34 for collars, $24 for stockings

What: Salvation Salve Skin Care

Who: Farm Dog Naturals

Why: Are your hands getting super dry because of all of your COVID washing? Imagine how your pup’s paws feel when they get cracked and dry and then they have to hit the pavement! I use the Salvation Salve on Jack’s feet and on my hands, too — we both love it!


How much: Under $25

What: A fun activity book AND coloring book from a Pac NW writer!

Who: Sassafras Lowrey

Why: From one of my favorite Pac NW dog-centric writers comes both a fun activity book AND a coloring book to help us get through the COVID blahs!

Where: and

How much: Under $30

What: Memorial Pendant

Who: Starry Night Glass Art

Why: Starry Night creates one-of-a-kind art pieces made from the ashes of your loved one. When our senior cat, Oscar, died after a brief bout with Lymphoma, we wanted to find a way to honor his memory. Not only do we now have a beautiful keepsake made from his ashes, but my family was able to participate in the glass-blowing process, as well.


How much: $95 for 2″ globe

What: Dog-friendly full resort — a social distancing escape option!

Who: Alderbrook Resort (dog-friendly)

Why: Alderbrook is storybook beautiful with a rich Pacific Northwest heritage and pet-friendly options. This picturesque resort is a great social distancing escape option for your family; Jack loved his visit, which included the pup VIP treatment and a special meal cooked just for him by their chef!


How much: $30 pet fee & $40 VIP pet (in addition to rates for humans; pet-friendly rooms start at $229/night)

What: Cat Mom mug set/ Dog Mom mug set

Who: Rossana, Inc.

Why: Enjoy these fun, thoughtful, whimsical designs from Pacific NW designer and cat mom, Rosanna Bowles. Much of Rosanna’s dishware artistry features nature, with themes of flora and fauna, and the cat and dog pieces are just icing on the cake.

Where: and

How much: $26

What: Floors and cleaning products created with pets in mind!

Who: Pet Decorator

Why: Tami Michaels of “Inside Out with Tami Michaels” (on KOMO Radio) designed her Pet Decorator line specifically for pets! Pet-centric, pet-tested, and pet- and people-approved!


How much: Start at $9.95/square foot

What: One of a kind custom pet portrait

Who: Robyn Chance Pet Portraits

Why: The first time I saw Robyn Chance’s artwork, I said, “Oh, wow.” Robyn creates timeless, custom one-of-a-kind pieces of art to commemorate your pet and all of her work has that “wow” factor — you can see her heart and soul in her pieces.


How much: Prices vary depending upon size, medium, etc.

What: Adorable hats for holiday pups!

Who: All Dog Kind – Seattle, WA

Why: All Dog Kind’s pet hats are awwdorable all year long, but the Elf Holiday Hat is pawfect for dressing up your dog during the holidays! (Can you imagine the cute overload for your holidays-at-home photos?) I’m also considering one for our tripod kitten, Luke, who’s the most “elfish” member of my pack.


How much: $18

Some of our local animal rescues have great gifts available to purchase for the holidays.

What: Women’s ‘Mispits’ t-shirt

Who: Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

Why: I don’t think we could say it better than how Motley Zoo does on their website, so here you go:

“This awesome design inspired by one of our *very favorite* bands, the Misfits, not only shows off your love of pit bulls, but also that you’re cool with old school, horror punk! This design is one of our best sellers and is certainly an eye catcher and conversation starter. All proceeds from sales go directly toward Motley Zoo’s animals for vetting and other necessities. Your style helps save lives so shop generously!”


How much: Under $30

What: Holiday Giving Cards

Who: MEOW Cat Rescue

Why: Again, we couldn’t say it better than MEOW does here:

Is there a MEOW fan in your life or someone who knows how important MEOW is to you? Why not give them a gift that honors your relationship with them, shows them how much you care about the animals, and benefits MEOW? Each donation level helps in a different way. Select the amount you wish to donate, include the recipient’s address in the notes at check out and we’ll handle the rest. We will sign the card from you, put it in an envelope and mail it.


How much: Starting at $25

What: PAWS 2021 Calendar


Why: From the PAWS store description:

“The PAWS Calendar is an annual celebration of our donors’ special companions, featuring captivating images by Alyssa Rose Photography. Each year at PAWS Wild Night, guests bid to have their companion animals featured within its pages. The calendar helps raise much-needed funds for PAWS, with all proceeds going directly toward saving the lives of homeless, injured and orphaned animals. With a price point of only $15, it makes a great gift for animal lovers of all ages!”


Also check out their new merch store here:

How much: $15 plus shipping

What: Seattle Area Feline Rescue 2021 Calendar

Who: Seattle Area Feline Rescue

Why: From SAFeR’s store:

The 2021 calendar is new and unique from our traditional calendar format. Each month is a different rescue cat from a household in our community! Enjoy adorable kitties all year long while you keep your activities events organized!”

Where: Order a calendar here:

But also check out all the goodies in their store here:

How much: $21.99 plus shipping

What: Sponsor a SAFE horse for the horse-lover you know!

Who: Save A Forgotten Equine (SAFE)

Why: From SAFE’s website:

Helping horses is its own reward…but the SAFEkeepers Club takes that a step farther. If you make an automatic monthly donation to sponsor a SAFE horse, you’re automatically enrolled in the SAFEkeepers Club. Your Club Card will get your discounts and special offers from local businesses who are pitching in to help us say thank you. And new merchants are being added all the time!


How much: custom

Books, books and more books.

Every year around the holidays, I tell my husband that he can never go wrong in gifting me books. I love them so much, I’m actually planning to take time off in December just to read. At the start of 2020, I had a goal to read all the books on my shelf, but even with the pandemic and stay home orders, I barely had time to read the few I was able to because I was busy pivoting my business a million ways. It seems fitting to take time off to get to some of those books, though. Making time to read a book is self care. It’s purposeful, and it opens rooms in your imagination that help make you grow. After organizing this collaborative gift guide, I realized that I needed to add a section for books that feature or include dogs or cats. These are only a few of the many out there. I have not read all of these, but I am adding many of them to my shelf for 2021 reading. If you’d like to check out more books, I also made a list over here:

Something I’d love for you to do after you’ve reached the end of this guide, is to let us know of a book you love. You can leave it in the comments, or find us on social media (@seattlepetcollective on Instagram) to let us know there.

Happy Reading! – Marika

Title: Oh, Dylan! The Adventures of Dylan the Dog

Author: Jamie-lee Jennings-Birch and Melanie K. Erb (Illustrator)

Why: The story is based on a real dog, and proceeds are donated to animal rescue!


Title: They All Saw A Cat

Author: Brendan Wenzel

Why: This book is about exploring perspectives, which is such a beautiful thing to celebrate through cats!


Title: The voyage of the Dogs

Author: Greg Van Eekhout

Why: Dogs in space. Yes, please.


Title: Cat Heaven and Dog Heaven

Author: Cynthia Rylant

Why: Each of these books explore and celebrate the journeys of a cat and a dog after happy lives on Earth. I learned early on in my childhood that our pets do not live as long as we do. It was heartbreaking, but also a gift to understand this. It made me cherish my animal friends even more, and helped me create a deeper connection with the world around me.

Purchase: Cat Heaven: Dog Heaven:

Title: How to Be a Good Creature: A memoir in thirteen animals

Author: Sy Montgomery and Rebecca Green (Illustrator)

Why: A book to teach us more about the gifts our animal friends give us. This one has been on my list for over a year, so I’m excited to grab a copy.


Title: The Education of Will: A mutual memoir of a woman and her dog

Author: Patricia B. McConnell

Why: A book about healing for both humans and the dogs they love. I think we can all connect with this one.


Title: Feline Philosophy: cats and the meaning of life

Author: John Gray

Why: An exploration into the ways in which cats can teach us to live better lives. I’m pretty sure I am part-cat, so this sounds like a great read.


Title: One Good Dog

Author: Susan Wilson

Why: A story about losing everything, and then finding something new through mutual rescue.


Title: Pooping Animals: a funny coloring book for adults

Author: Honey Badger Coloring

Why: Because animals pooping is hilarious, and we all need something to laugh at. You’re welcome.


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