Episode 004 – The Seattle Barkery – Part One

Episode 004 – The Seattle Barkery – Part One

Oh my goodness. This conversation with Dawn and Ben of The Seattle Barkery was so good, that I actually had to put it into two separate episodes! We probably could have kept on talking all day long. These two are so much fun, and their passion for their business and community is inspiring.

In Episode 004, we talk about how they got started with making and selling treats for dogs, and their journey to where they are now with three physical locations (well, Buster the treat truck is mobile, but you know what I mean).

We talk about some of the realities, challenges and rewards of running a small business, and how driving around a vintage ice cream truck can be terrifying and kind of hilarious.

And, of course, a conversation with Dawn and Ben isn’t complete without talking about their dogs. This is why we have a Part 2 episode for you guys that features the parts of our conversation where we talked about their dogs as well as their involvement with Old Dog Haven. Head on over to the Episode 005 post to learn a little more about what’s in that episode.

Here’s how you can support The Seattle Barkery:

  • Order awesome cakes for your dogs!
  • Visit them at one of their three locations to pick up some treats!
  • Share your photos on Instagram of your dogs enjoying their treats from The Seattle Barkery!
  • If you’re outside of Seattle, and want better access to cakes from The Seattle Barkery, talk to your local pet food supply store about requesting cakes!

Here’s where to find The Seattle Barkery online:




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