Episode 005 – The Seattle Barkery – Part Two

Episode 005 – The Seattle Barkery – Part Two

In Part 2 of the conversation with Dawn and Ben of The Seattle Barkery, we talk about their involvement with Old Dog Haven through fundraising, fostering and volunteering.

This is also where we talk about all the dogs they have had together, including their beloved Bernie and Sherman, who both recently passed away.

We talk about loving dogs despite the fact that they break our hearts when they leave. This is such a beautiful conversation. If you’re a dog lover, you’ll definitely want to listen.

Here’s how you can support The Seattle Barkery:

  • Order awesome cakes for your dogs!
  • Visit them at one of their three locations to pick up some treats!
  • Share your photos on Instagram of your dogs enjoying their treats from The Seattle Barkery!
  • If you’re outside of Seattle, and want better access to cakes from The Seattle Barkery, talk to your local pet food supply store about requesting cakes!

Here’s where to find The Seattle Barkery online:




The Seattle Barkery dogs, Bernie, Sherman and Hazel.
Photographed by Dirtie Dog Photography www.dirtiedogphotography.com
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