Episode 007 – Kate Kondrak & Bruce

Episode 007 – Kate Kondrak & Bruce

Wow, you guys. I REALLY love what is happening here with having real conversations with people who love animals. On today’s episode, I sat down with my friend Kate and her cutie pie dog, Bruce, to talk about their awesome adoption story. I met them both last Summer after putting a call out for great adoption stories on Instagram. I was so moved by the reaction that their followers had to their story, that I knew we had to meet. I photographed Bruce, and wrote a blog post about them that you can check out here.

I invited Kate and Bruce to be guests on the podcast because I know there are more great stories like theirs here in Seattle. The more we talk about and share these stories, the more we can inspire other people to choose to start their own adoption stories.

This episode includes a few moments when my dog, Kerouac, decided to give her opinions on things. Kind of rude, but also cute because she’s my dog.

After the episode, we had a little studio portrait session for Bruce because I can’t not take his photo when I’m around him! He’s just so darn adorable!

Things Kate and Bruce would love for you to support:

Bruce was adopted from PUP Dog Rescue which is based out of Issaquah, Washington. Please go check them out to see how you can support them in the important work that they do!

Please donate extra pet food at your local pet supply store when you can. There are so many pets out there that could use the extra help.

Become a B.A.R.K. Ranger! There’s a great blog post from National Park Paws that explains this program, so please go check it out here.

Follow Kate and Bruce online:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fantasticmisterbruce

Fantastic Mister Bruce. Photo by Dirtie Dog Photography www.dirtiedogphotography.com
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