Episode 011 – Lora Troncoso of Seattle Dogs Homeless Program

Episode 011 – Lora Troncoso of Seattle Dogs Homeless Program

WE ARE ON EPISODE 11! I don’t know why I’m so excited at 11, but I AM SO EXCITED! Okay, I think it’s also because today’s guest has such a great story. I feel so honored to be able to share with you, Lora Troncoso who is the Founder and Director of Seattle Dogs Homeless Program. Seattle Dogs Homeless Program provides pet food, supplies, vet care, boarding and rescue for people and the animals they love who are experiencing homelessness in Seattle. Lora shares with us how she was inspired to start this program after her own experiences of being homeless with dogs.

This woman is amazing, and she is a gem in this city. I found myself in tears several times throughout listening to Lora’s story, and I am pretty sure you will get a bit teary as well. There are some great laughs in here too you guys, so don’t worry. I’m probably going to listen to this episode a bunch of times because I want to tell everyone I meet about Lora and Seattle Dogs Homeless Program. They need a lot of help to keep doing the work they’re doing.

Their two biggest needs are financial donations to their veterinary fund/account at Greenwood Animal Hospital (How amazing is it that this incredible veterinary hospital stepped up to provide them with care?!), and a truck. They’re currently using a car to deliver supplies in multiple trips all over the city to homeless pets and their people. If they could have a truck or some sort of vehicle that was easy to drive and could fit everything they need to deliver in one trip, that would be amazing.

So, enjoy this episode, then please spread the word about Lora and Seattle Dogs Homeless Program. Let’s help them continue to do this amazing work! For more information about Seattle Dogs Homeless Program:




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