Episode 002 – Lauren Hartley of All Dog Kind

Episode 002 – Lauren Hartley of All Dog Kind

“All dogs, regardless of their breed or past, deserve love, dignity and kindness.”

– Lauren Hartley, All Dog Kind

On this episode of Seattle Pet Collective, I sit down with my dear friend Lauren Hartley, owner of All Dog Kind to learn more about her amazing business and chat about how the work you do can give back to things you care about.

Lauren gives 20 percent of her profits to rescue, and is committed to practicing environmental sustainability in all the work she creates. Lauren tells us about the things she creates that bring joy to people who love their dogs. The cornerstone of her creative business is her custom portrait packs that include a beautiful printed and framed digitally-drawn portrait that is then turned into a matching lapel pin and set of vinyl stickers. They’re amaaaaazing.

It’s hard to pick a favorite thing that Lauren creates, but I really love the hats she makes for dogs. I photographed my friend’s corgi, Jack, wearing the pumpkin pie slice hat earlier this year, and it’s basically the best thing ever.

This lady is an inspiration, and I hope you enjoy getting to know more about her and the amazing work she does!

This episode is a bit longer than we had planned, but we ended up chatting about our recent creative collaboration that featured seven rescue dogs dressed up for the Met Gala.

This project has been so incredible, and a lot of wonderful things have happened since the recording of this podcast episode. We will probably have to record another episode to follow up!

There’s seriously so much magic in this entire episode. Thank you so much for listening!

Here’s how you can support Lauren and All Dog Kind:

  • Follow All Dog Kind on social media!
  • Order custom portrait packs!
  • Visit her at upcoming events!
  • Purchase an adorable hat or scarf for your dog!

Find Lauren and All Dog Kind online:




Check out our awesome project collaboration, “Dogs of Camp”:



Jack the corgi wearing the pumpkin pie slice hat by All Dog Kind.
Photo by Dirtie Dog Photography.
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