Episode 015 – Holly Cook of Holly Cook Photography

Episode 015 – Holly Cook of Holly Cook Photography

Today’s episode is so great because I got to nerd out with another pet photographer, my friend, Holly Cook of Holly Cook Photography!

In addition to learning about Holly’s history in the animal world, she tells us about her adventure of traveling down to Los Angeles in July to participate in the Seen = Saved event that had hundreds of volunteers helping to photograph and adopt out all of the animals in the LA County shelters.  Holly shares her story of being there to photograph dogs, and what it was like to see so many people come together for an amazing cause.

We also talk a lot about being pet photographers, and how photographing rescue animals can get emotional.

Oh and get this, Holly wrote a book from her days as a pet sitter. Her book is called, “My End of the Leash: Compassion Fatigue From a Pet Sitter’s Perspective,” and you can buy it HERE! (she didn’t want to promote it because she’s super modest, but I believe someone out there might need to read it)

Please visit Holly’s website to learn more about the work she does, and how you can work with her:


Please go read this beautiful blog post she wrote about her dog, Hazel.

And follow her on all the socials:




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