Episode 016 – Kait Robinson of Kait’s Calling

Episode 016 – Kait Robinson of Kait’s Calling

This episode features Kait Robinson, owner and artist at Kait’s Calling! Kait is an AMAAAAAAAZING artist who specializes in creating gorgeous custom painted portraits of people’s beloved pets. She also does some beautiful graphic design work, and has done some freaking awesome art for my friends at The Seattle Barkery. Including my favorite tank top that I can’t stop wearing. I’ll probably share a selfie in it soon, but it features Sherman the barkery dog. RIP Sherman. 

I had so much fun hanging out with Kait. She’s really funny and her love for the work she creates for her clients is inspiring. I’m obsessed with her art, and I can’t wait for you guys to go see it (if you haven’t already)!

You can find Kait’s work online:




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