Episode 018 – Dee Lugo and Michele Kinsey of Wag Booth

Episode 018 – Dee Lugo and Michele Kinsey of Wag Booth

In this week’s episode, I got to learn the story behind Wag Booth, a photo booth for dogs and their people founded here in Seattle by Dee Lugo and Michele Kinsey.  It’s seriously so much fun for me to have other photographers as podcast guests so we can gush about how much we love photographing dogs! Dee is the photographer behind Wag Booth, and Michele is the dog calmer/treat giver/assistant who helps make things run smoothly. 

Wag Booth isn’t an ordinary photo booth experience. Dee and Michele bring a portable studio setup along with bins full of costumes and props for people AND dogs. They put a lot of work into their custom themes, and spend a lot of time caring for/cleaning everything after each event. This is not a “use it yourself” operation. Dee actually takes all of the portraits, and edits them for delivery within 48 hours. A-MA-ZING!!!! 

I had so much fun with these two, and I cannot wait to see everything they create with this brilliant business. There’s more to learn about Wag Booth, so please go visit their website to see all of their amazing offerings, and follow them on all the social media outlets!!!




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