Episode 019 Canopy Cat Rescue

Episode 019 Canopy Cat Rescue

This episode makes me so happy. Tom Otto and Shaun Sears are the founders and operators of Canopy Cat Rescue, a non profit in Washington state that focuses on rescuing cats from trees. Is this the first time you’ve heard of such a thing? I’m willing to bet you’ve heard of cats stuck in trees, but did you know that there are a lot of misconceptions about how to get them to come down and who to call when they won’t come down? In this episode, we hear some great stories and learn some important lessons from Tom and Shaun about cats, trees and what to do if (when) you find yourself in a situation where you need to call on Canopy Cat Rescue. 

Before (or after if you can’t get to it this moment) you listen to this episode, go check out Canopy Cat Rescue on social media to watch some of their rescues. These guys record their rescues, and share them on their Youtube channel and social profiles. I absolutely spent a ridiculous amount of time watching their videos the night before I reached out to them to be on this podcast. Check them out, then go support them in any way you can so that they can continue to rescue even more cats!




Here’s their Youtube channel.

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